Wireless Solutions

Save money and improve flexibility with wireless networks.

We're a Meraki certified and Cisco certified partner with expert knowledge in Wireless LAN design and deployment. Our team will work with you from your initial site survey, right through to design, deployment and ongoing support.

Wireless Solutions
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Making things simple

By choosing our wireless solutions, we take care of the difficult things - like security, deployment, management and control issues - and make sure that your have a smooth transition to wireless technology.

We also know how important reliability is too, which is why we work with Meraki and Cisco as their solutions integrate and extend your wired and wireless networks to deliver scalable, manageable and secure WLANs as cost effectively as possible.

Be secure

The Cisco Integrated Wireless Network integrates with their Self-Defending Network.

The network helps you identify, prevent and adapt your network to known and unknown security threats, so you’re always protected.


  • Increase productivity with reliable internet access.
  • Easily extend and upgrade your network.
  • Improve cost savings with fewer cables and wires and simpler installations.