The right fit for Schuh

“The thing that sets Egton apart from the competition is the exceptionally high level of customer service they provide. They identify the technologies which are the best fit for our business and then their engineers bend over backwards to accommodate our timescales and our requirements.”

- Kenneth Ball, Schuh IT Director


Originally established in 1981 in Edinburgh, Schuh was born out of the simple philosophy of providing individual high fashion footwear, sold in unique and exciting retail environments. Over its near 35 year history Schuh has certainly made strides in achieving this mission. The once single store enterprise has dramatically expanded from its Scottish roots to gain a strong foothold throughout the entire UK retail market.

The Challenge

Back in 2013 Schuh were planning a major expansion programme and as part of this recognised both the need and the opportunity in upgrading their IT infrastructure. This was to be centred on three key areas; Their HQ was to become the epicentre for their IT operations and as such required a system that could manage the capacity and complexity of a multi-site UK wide infrastructure. Their warehouse needed to be able to respond quickly to an ever-changing retail environment with the ability to manage rapid deployment of stock. Also in-store needed to be able to deliver a retail experience for a growingly connected general public.

The Solution

Egton recommended that Schuh embrace a comprehensive suite of products which would both combat the issues they had previously faced as well as future proof the organisations IT. In their initial planning stages Egton carried out an extensive core LAN audit, independent of existing suppliers, to determine the most effective course of action.

Operating on a best in breed philosophy Egton were able to deploy a mixed wired and wireless solution across the Schuh estate utilising Cisco’s next generation of enterprise-class stackable access-layer switches to provide convergence between wired and wireless over a single platform.

Schuh's retail outlets were fitted with a fast-performing Meraki wireless platform which enabled companywide Wi-Fi with the added benefit of Purple Wi-Fi analytics software to help drive customer engagement and in-store optimisation. This was augmented with an IP telephony system to connect all the separate entities of the business.

Business Benefits

Since the installation of the new system it has become apparent that Schuh now have a network that is fit for today’s business environment. The Egton system was painstakingly thought-out to address the strategic objectives initially communicated and has resulted in a vast array of benefits to Schuh’s day-to-day activities.

The centralised HQ set-up has allowed for easier management and deployment of IT infrastructure, Schuh can now access all their stores from anywhere to make enhancements through the Meraki & Purple Wi-Fi web portals, with 24×7 support from Egton.

The in-store wireless platform has facilitated the rollout of hand-held secure payment devices, this future proof solution has led to an improved customer experience by reducing queues and speeding up transaction times, ultimately leading to increased sales for the business.

With Egton able to offer this complete solution they have become Schuh’s go to partner of choice when it comes to delivering today’s technology either on premise or cloud.

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